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Quality control

BTD Mold is a reliable and responsible partner, trying it’s best to offer customers good suggestions, solutions and services. Quality is in the top of its list. Different departments collaborate closely. With specific project engineer, correspondent, logistic and related personnel to be responsible for every different customer and every different project, the process is well controlled, information well exchanged to keep good communication with customers, to solve issues properly, to guarantee the quality, to catch the lead time etc.

BTD Mold has 2 Quality Departments. The main function is to monitor in-process tooling, molding and assembly operations. BTD Mold has strict quality control with ISO9001 system and 5S instructions. The quality group also collects and prepares product validation data per customers' specifications. This data may include:
1) Mold pre-analysis.
2) First article layout and inspection report.
3) Detailed dimension report.
4) Molding report.
5) Standard inspection procedure.
6) Standard operation procedure

Implement of supplier quality insurance system

BTD Mold has extended quality insurance to suppliers. Quality is guaranteed from the new supplier assessment, quality assurance capability, production capacity, supplier training and guidance all stage to ensure the high quality of components and raw materials in the first place.

Supplier evaluation process

Implement of supplier QAS

The implementations of "Zero Defect" manufacture management. Carrying out quality obligation to each working procedure and total quality management. From the worker, monitor, team leader to supervisor, everyone has specific responsibility and quality target. In accordance with "Three No, Three Do" principles: No rejects are received, manufactured and flowed into market, in accordance with drawing, with process, by standard. Quality control principle is that one should be responsible for what he manufactured, by which everyone keeps quality consciousness in mind.

Implement of supplier QAS

BTD Mold has thorough finished product QAS, which means after assembly self-inspection, the inspector will check all the products from clients' view and approve after 100% OK. Every project must go through testing to further ensure quality.

Control of cutter precision and cutter dissipation

            Cutting tool clamping                          Cutting tool calibration                          Cutting tool inspection

Electrode machining control

              Machine parameter                           Automatic tool installing                             Data inspection

Verification of process standard

            Dimension verification                               Process testing                            Interlocking self-inspection

Online Detection system

           Steel inspection online                                CMM inspection                                Quality confirmation

Without fit mold to realize first-time –correct process

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